maanantai 18. maaliskuuta 2013

Mothers chosen to grin and smile

Once upon a time there was a boy
A courageous boy in white diaper
But instead of horse, he rides a cow
Mothers chosen to grin and smile

"My angelbaby" mom said
Angelbaby, that's what she said


Oh, he turned three!
It's time to run like fire by your feet
Well, now he is four
What a meddlesome rebelly hour
Look, he turned five
He told me he can count to nine
Soon, he is six
He wrote about how great daddy is

But look, this boy turned sixteen
Just ten years and sad feels
Suddenly the lad is adult
Eighteen, energetic catapult

My love, I'm twenty-one
Tell me, where has my mom and dad gone
It's been just a year after that
And you made my heart tear and sad


Twenty-three, the count I dislike
I feel stretched and curled inside
God, I am twenty-four now
I want to keep him near, but how?


Strenght in heart
Green in eyes
Red in blood
Raven in hair


Have faith in this man I am
Believe I have wings and I will fly
Raise your eyes and reach your hand
Because for you I will never die

I'm your angel too
For you I will never die.

-Mikhail Ivakina

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